1. airy, immaterial, incorporeal, bodiless, light, weightless, vaporous, vapory; visionary, phantasmal, chimeral, ethereal, otherworldly, dreamlike; feathery, fluffy, gossamery, gossamer, light as a feather; Ariel-like; buoyant, resilient, floating, bouncy, bubbly.
2. agile, nimble, light-footed, nimble-footed, spry, graceful, with winged feet; lithe, lissome, supple, flexible, pliant; skipping, springing, like a mountain goat.
3. cheery, cheerful, glad, gladsome, gleeful; happy, happy as a lark, happy as a clam at high tide, euphoric; merry, blithe, joyful, joyous, jubilant, jolly, jovial, jocund, laughing, smiling; gay, light-hearted, debonair, breezy, carefree; in high spirits, spirited, expansive, lively, animated, jaunty, perky, sprightly; frisky, coltish, playful, frolicsome, sportive, rollicking, rompish, capering; exuberant, effervescent, ebullient, vivacious; chipper, full of life, peppy, zestful.
4. frivolous, flippant, trifling, silly, foolish, giddy, flighty; changeable, mercurial, volatile, capricious, fickle; wavering, vacillatory, vacillating, irresolute, fluctuating, swaying, swaying with the wind, constant as the inconstant moon, like the shifting sands.
1. luminous, glowing, lambent, radiant, lustrous, gleaming, shining.
2. well-lighted, well-lit, illuminated, bright, glaring, blazing, bright as the noonday sun.

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